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Proudly handcrafted on Vancouver Island.
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Our History:

Peace Lovin' Granola was founded on the idea of creating an affordable high-quality granola that is delicious to eat and healthy for consumers.

Starting on July 1st 2012, in Victoria, BC, Canada, two brothers Ryan and Trevor started selling fresh granola as a healthy breakfast and snack.

Using their Gramma's recipe from the 1960's they produced a wheat-free,
super healthy granola that is completely fresh! 


Since 2012, PLG has proudly grown to be feeding thousands of families around the world making their "Gramma" quality granola.


Ingredients include: Local Vancouver Island Honey, Canadian Grown Gluten-Free Rolled Oats and Seeds, Pecans, Sunflower Oil, and Pure Canadian Maple Syrup.​​


The "Groovy" Taste:

 We get asked a lot.."What makes Peace Lovin' Granola so delicious?"


  • Fresh Baked:  Everybody knows fresh is best! So when it comes to Peace Lovin' Granola, it's fresh, Guaranteed! No Preservatives. No Salt. 

  • Simple Healthy Ingredients:  Every single one of our ingredients has been specifically chosen for its health benefit and purpose!            No artificial sweeteners, No soy/rice crisps, No "fillers"

  • "Gramma" Quality:  Produced in small handcrafted batches on Vancouver Island, BC.  We are dedicated to ensuring every bag is fresh and consistent just like our Gramma's homemade granola from the 60's. 

The Benefits:

 Delicious + Healthy. Both Are Important. 


  • Wheat-Free Rolled OatsRolled Oats are a whole grain that contains antioxidants, phytochemicals and have been associated with reducing the risk of many chronic diseases. Oats are an excellent source of essential vitamin E, iron, thiamin, folic acid, biotin, and pantothenic acid.

  • The "Super-Seeds": Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds, and Flax seeds. 
    Three nutrition packed seeds that all carry super healthy dietary supplements for the human body!

  • The Best Natural Sugars: We use only use the best natural sugars Canada has to offer. Pure Canadian Maple syrup for our Maple Pecan, and local Vancouver Island Wildflower Honey used in our Original flavour.

  • Sunflower OilSunflower oil is very rich in omega−6 acid which is great for long lasting energy throughout your day!

  • Absolutely No Preservatives: We feel granola should be enjoyed fresh, without added preservatives like salt, sodium bicarbonate, and lecithin. - We would much rather make it fresh.

Media + Reviews:

"Great article in the Times Colonist this morning about PLG - lookin' good guys!!!!
I'll be stocking up again soon, can't get enough" 

- Anne M.

Victoria B.C

"I love your granola - I know what I will be able to have for breakfast tomorrow!!"

-Judy W.

Tuktoyaktuk, NWT

Times Colonist article on

Peace Lovin' Granola, July 2012

about how we got started, where we are now, and our plans for the future.